List of The Most Commonly Use Green And Red Leaves Plant

Green and red is the most beautiful plant in the world. Types of which are aglaonema spp, acer palmatum, and dracaena marginata etc. Each plant is completely different from the others in size, maintenance, and advantages.

Most people plant these plants indoors because 70% to 90% indoors and 10% to 30% outdoors of people planted green and red leaves plants.

green and red leaves plant.

The aglaonema spp plant is a genus of flowering plants in arum legacy. This plant itself is famous for its green and red leaves and is used for decoration, It is also commonly called Chinese Evergreen. Its green and red-like moonlit leaves add beauty to the house, and office, and attract people indoors. The aglaonema spp plant also has the ability to purify polluted air.

Acer Palmatum

green and red leaves plant.

The recognition of the Acer palmatum plant comes from the Japanese name maple. It is most liked by Japanese people because of its medium size and leaves. Looking at Acer palmatum soothes the eyes because as naturally this plant is rich in decoration and beauty. The Acer Palmatum plant is a symbol of peace, So people plant it in gardens and lawns around the world. 

Dracaena Marginata

green and red leaves plant.

Dracaena Marginata plant commonly known as the dragon tree, is a striking and elegant houseplant. Its slender straight stems are similar to garlic stems adding beauty. This particular breed has a unique combination of resilience. Grows in light conditions and requires little water, so it does not require much effort to maintain. Dracaena Marginata plant is planted in pots and kept indoors places.

Cornus Sericea

green and red leaves plant.

Cornus sericea is not a plant it’s a shrub. It’s called a red twig dogwood. Every season is good for Cornus sericea shrub because does not need any specific season to plant it. Shrubs with strong trunks stand out in snowy weather and are characterized by green leaves in summer and spring. Then shrub trunks change color to red, orange, and yellow in Autumn.

Photinia × Fraseri

green and red leaves plant.

Photinia × Fraseri not a plant is a beautiful and evergreen shrub. The result of the crossing of hybrid, Photinia Glabra, and Photinia Serratifolia plant is a Photinia × Fraseri shrub. In the spring season, It produces new fresh red color leaves as the season progresses, Its leaves start to change from red to green. The most important feature of this shrub it’s bright moonlight green leaves that add beauty to the garden.

Paddle Plant

green and red leaves plant.

The paddle plant is known as Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora in the world of science. Native to South Africa, this succulent plant is famous for its unique shape. The leaves of the plant are thick and this plant has the ability to collect water in leaves. It keeps it alive in the dry season. Paddle plant leaves are two different colors half red and half green.

What is the name of the plant with green and red leaves?

Photinia × Fraser
Cornus Sericea

What house plant has green leaves and red underneath?

Coleus plant is a houseplant that is used for beauty in the home garden. Which presents an attractive sight due to its green and red color leaves.

What plants are red and green?

Aglaonema Spp
Acer Palmatum
Euphorbia pulcherrima.
Dracaena Marginata
Lipstick Echeveria

Why do some plants have red and green leaves?

A plant that is high in anthocyanins pigment has red and green leaves.

How To Plant With Red Stem And Green Leaves

As plants are generally planted and cared for, the breeding of red-stemmed and green-leafy plants requires care and measures to enhance their growth. A similar plant is called Red Stemmed Dogwood (Cornus Sericea). Firstly select a shady place in the garden then clean the soil in an organic way and add fertilized. 

So that the soil is ready for planting. Dig a hole 2 inches deep and 2 inches long in the garden and place the root of the stem in it and fill the hole with soil then use water on the plant. The red-stemmed dogwood (Cornus Sericea) is harvested at the end of winter or the start of spring.

How To Plant With Red Flowers And Green Leaves

Choose the best plant before planting red flowers and green leaves plant like a Red Salvia it’s an amazing plant. Red Salvia knows for its beautiful colors in the garden, Use a sunny place in the garden to plant it. Clean the soil organic way and add some fertilizer. 

Choose a normal size pot place the root in it and fill the soil then use water on the plant, especially in the summer season. It is your choice to plant in a garden or pot but keep it in a sunny location.


The article first discusses the red and green leafy plants that are most commonly used. Then one by one will tell the complete information about every green and red leaf plant. Includes are what plants are famous for, how to care for plants, how to water plants, and a complete guide to planting and choosing a location for plants. After reading the article, You will clearly know about green and red leaf plants.