What Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools

There are basic garden tools. They are most commonly used in your home garden to make your garden look more beautiful and appealing. Some of the tools discussed in this article are old and some are new and modern. 

In the olden days, it was very difficult to take care of the garden and keep it clean. People used to spend their whole day doing only one work in the garden. Because they didn’t have the modern tools which exist in today’s era. 

Due to these tools, people in today’s era do their day’s work now in hours. The major advantage of this is that it saves time and is very easy to maintain and clean the garden. 

In this article. We will explain gardening tools with how to use them. They have included Shovels, Hak Pala, Lawn Mowers, Garden hoses, Hoes, etc.

Item Dimensions LxWxH26.5 x 5.75 x 1.35 inches
BrandEarthwise Power Tools by ALM
Item Weight2.45 Pounds
StyleOutdoor, Garden
Handle MaterialCarbon Steel
Blade MaterialCarbon Steel
Is FoldableYes
Grip TypeErgonomic

Shovels are thousands of years old tools. The shovel is designed with a flat blade and attached to a long handle. But in today’s advanced age, many shovels are made of aluminum and steel, and their handles are made of wood, fiberglass, or even plastic. The Shovel is the most important tool used in the garden. 

The shovel is used to level the soil in the garden and lift the soil into a trolley or to distribute the soil evenly over the plants. If you clean the garden, All the collected garden waste will be picked up by the shovel and put in the trash. 

In today’s era, different companies make shovels, some shovels cost more and some shovels cost less. The highest price for a shovel is $50 and the lowest price is $20.

Product Review

I have recently bought a shovel from Amazon and used it in the garden. The blade of this shovel is made of carbon and steel, and the handle of the shovel is made of fiberglass and pultruded. Which is very strong. Ergonomic D-handle for ease of use and reduced strain on your wrists. 

Before I bought the shovel, the soil in my garden was too high and too low in some places, which made the lawn look awful. After buying a shovel, evenly leveled the garden soil, and distributed the soil to the plants. When it snows in winter, I clean all the snow with a shovel. 

After that my garden became beautiful. It comes in handy for all my outdoor activities. I would tell everyone to buy this shovel and make your garden look as beautiful as mine.

Hak Pala Pico

Hak Pala PicoDetails
Afmetingen van item (L x B x H)32,4 x 26,9 x 4 centimeter
Materiaal van handgreepHout
Inbegrepen ComponentenAlcotana

Hak Pala Pico is a great tool to support garden work. Hak pala pico is also used in soil gardens but is most commonly used in stone gardens and is useful for removing large rocks from the garden. If you are a hobbyist or you want to clean your home garden yourself, Hak Pala Pico is a valuable tool for you. By using hak pala pico correctly, you can improve the appearance of your garden. 

Hak pala pico of the sharp, pointed tip allows you to penetrate the garden soil easily and remove unwanted weeds with roots properly. The tool is used during planting. Its ergonomic design is useful for digging small pits for plants in the garden and for seeds. Hak pala tool also cleans garden stones. The minimum price of hak pala pico is 15€ and the maximum price 50€.

Product Review

This hak pala is the really best product. I’ve used two hak pala before and both of them broke handles it’s too strong. I did all my garden work with it but it never let me down. Among the garden tools, Each tool is different from another tool. 

One tool can do the work of the garden the same tool cannot do another work in the garden. Dutch wood is used to make a hat pala handle. Koolstofstaal and alcotana are used to make the blades. 

We had very large stones in our garden that was impossible to remove with any other tool, So we bought this tool and cleaned all the stones from the garden. I would advise you.

 If your garden is a soiled place then it is your choice to buy a hak pala tool or not but if your garden is in a rocky place and has stones then for you. The hak pala tool is very important so that you can clean up and beautify your garden.


Blade MaterialHigh Carbon Steel
Product Dimensions9.25″L x 2″W

Just as in the garden, various tasks are done using all the other tools. Similarly, the trowel is also one of the tools that help in doing various tasks in the garden.

  • Masonry: Useful for any type of masonry in the trowel orchard. Like separating plant boundaries, creating a room for garden tools, building a water tank for plants, etc.
  • Mixing Material: The mason uses materials made of sand and gravel which are also mixed and leveled using the trowel. Trowels are also used to install tiles on the furniture and swimming pool area in the garden.
  • Plastering the walls: When you build the walls in your swimming pool and tools store. These walls are then plastered and a trowel is also used for plastering.
  • Door and Windows: When you complete walls then install doors and windows in the tool store. Sand and gravel are used and a trowel is required to apply it.
  • Price: The minimum price of a trowel is 6$ and the maximum price 20$.

Product Review

Two months ago I bought 20 tools to clean and beautify my garden and maintain it. But when it rained or there were strong winds due to wind and storms, all the tools of the garden rust and break down. 

Then I decided to build a storeroom in the garden for all these tools and to build the tool store the only thing I needed besides the materials was this trowel which took both of my work for hours. What I did and made my life easier, 

I will comment on this to everyone. If you want to build any kind of construction or any tool store, then you must buy this trowel. It will make your life easier and more prosperous like mine.

Garden Fork

Garden ForkDetails
MaterialWood Carbon Steel
BrandSpear & Jackson
Item Dimensions LxWxH39.17 x 8.07 x 3.94 inches
Item Weight5.39 Pounds
StyleDigging Fork
Handle MaterialWood
Blade MaterialCarbon Steel

Garden Folk is a garden tool used for garden maintenance and various tasks. Garden grass needs water and fertilization just like grass to keep it healthy and growing. It also needs wind. Air keeps the grass healthy and prevents it from spoiling. 

The best tool for aerating garden grass is a garden fork that is used. You can aerate their grass in the spring and autumn because the garden grass is fully moist and healthy during these two seasons. 

Before using a garden fork, cut your garden grass at a low height and water thoroughly and make sure the garden soil is completely moist. Then leave the garden overnight and air the garden with the garden fork the next morning. The minimum price of a garden fork is 35$ and the maximum price is 70$.

Product Review

This garden fork is very strong and the nails of this fork are even strong. When I pushed Fok’s nails into the soil of the garden with the force of my hand and tossed the grass and soil of the garden into the air, 

Fok nails didn’t break even a bit and the garden grass also got fresh and pollution-free air. Which is the most important work to do in the garden with this fork.


Package Dimensions14.48 x 4.53 x 3.9 inches
Item Weight8.8 ounces
ManufacturerEdward Tools

A hoe is a garden tool and one of the twenty tools used in the garden. Hoe is used for three or four tasks in the garden. Hoe is used to level soil in the garden and to collect the soil for seeding. If the garden soil is dry, It can be very difficult to use a hoe. 

Before using the hoe, Water the garden soil and moisten the soil. Level the soil for planting the seedlings and take care not to damage other plants or damage their roots while leveling the soil. The lowest price of a hoe is 7$ and the highest price is 40$.

Product Review

I bought a hoe for different garden work. I got a reasonable price. Hoe is made of strong carbon and steel. The rubber ergo-grip on its handle has been used. Which doesn’t rust and hoe will not break. I recommend purchasing this hoe because it is very strong and beautiful.


Item Dimensions LxWxH65 x 5 x 3 inches
Handle TypeLong, Adjustable
Head MaterialMetal

Rake is one of the most essential tools for the garden, Using the beauty of the garden. It’s good that your garden has colorful flowers and a variety of small and large plants, but you will need to purchase a rake to clean them. When the summer season ends and autumn begins. 

Most of the leaves of plants dry and turn yellow color then start falling. This process continues for about 4 weeks to 6 weeks. A rake is needed to clean these leaves. The rake tool also cleans the yellow grass and various nets. It blocks the sunlight and wind of the grass, which has hindered the growth of the grass. The lowest price of a rake is 15$ and the highest price is 130$.

Product Review

The rake is delivered in pieces and has to be assembled. The rake is a very nice and strong tool and it work very well. People who suffer from back pain should purchase and use it. 

Because the rake has a long handle that allows one to clean their garden without bending their back. You can size of the rake handle can be reduced or increased as you wish.

Pruning Shears 

Pruning Shears Details
Item Weight0.85 Pounds
StyleBypass Pruner
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.5 x 1 x 0.1 inches

When you clean the soil for planting, Planting and use water on plants then care for them. They are fertilized and when the plants grow. It is their turn to trim and shape them. The most important tool is pruning shear is used to shape plants. 

Pruning should be done on plants where there is a royal crossing of roots and cutting the shoots of plants that have insects or those that have rotted. Cutting off the excess plant shoots stunts plant growth. 

It is very to have a skilled person to use the pruning shears on the plants as a clumsy person will damage the plants. There are also fruit plants and aromatic plants which will all rot and wither away. 

The lowest price of pruning shear is 7$ and the highest price is 45$.

Product Review

If you want to cut your plant shoots that are damaged or rotted then you can buy this gardening tool it will not let you down. The same pruning shears are used to design and shape plants. Its color is red and its weight is 0.85 pounds.

Iron and copper have been used to make the blade. The blades of pruning shears is large and the springs is thick and powerful, which helps to cut even large shoots.


Item Weight2.1 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH25×9×2 inches

Scissors are used to cut cloth, the same way to cut large and tree shoots used a lopper. They are small pruning shears to cut the shoots of a plant just 4 to 5 feet high. But when it comes to the big tree planted in the garden which is 8 to 10 or 12 feet in height. the shoots are cut with a lopper.

The shoots of large plants are so dangerous that if they are not cut they can break down in a strong storm and cause damage to the house, cars, and people. The price of the lopper in the market is 30$ to 100$.

Product Review

The classic style lopper and weight is 2.1 pounds. Lopper blades are so sharp that they cut tree shoots quickly. Three things are needed to clean a lopper.

  • Firstly: After use wipe the lopper with a cloth.
  • Secondly:  Message the lopper blade with a little oil to prevent rust.
  • Thirdly: Keep the looper in a dry place regularly so that it can be used for a long time.

Garden Gloves

Garden GlovesDetails
BrandWells Lamont
SizeLarge (Pack of 1)
Special FeatureAbrasion Resistant, Puncture Proof

Gardening Gloves are used in every garden work. If you clean a garden and use water on plants, and plant plants, hand protection is essential before doing any of these things in the garden. Gloves are most important for hand protection. 

Dry the hands before putting on the gloves and put the hand inside with a figure inside the glove and tie the gloves behind the wrist. So that any kind of grass and a piece of wood that gets don’t inside your hand and doesn’t injure. Avoid wearing torn and old gloves. The price of the lopper in the market is 7$ to 20$.

Product Review

These gloves are made of leather and the color of these gloves is saddle tan. The gloves are thick and durable. You use these gloves in the soil, use in water, and use to fertilize plants. 

Do you do any work in the garden these gloves will not deteriorate and will not rust easily. I wore these gloves and did all the work in the garden. I didn’t get any blisters on my hands, nor did any cuts on my hands, nor did my hands get red.


Product Dimensions22″D x 40″W x 8″H
BrandGorilla Carts
MaterialMaintenance-Free Poly
Special FeatureDurable, Easy To Use

The Wheelbarrow is one of the best garden tools. The wheelbarrow is designed like a small container. It has four wheels under it and a handle on one side with the help of which you operate it.

  • Heavy Materials: When you do any type of construction in a garden, like building a tool store, swimming pool, and a ditch for plants. It requires materials like sand, gravel, cement, etc.
  • All these materials are to be brought from the street or from the garden gate to the place of construction where the work is being done. It requires a wheelbarrow.
  • The laborer easily loads all materials in a wheelbarrow and brings them from one place to a construction place.
  • Tools and Furniture: The wheelbarrow can move garden tools and furniture from the garden from one place to another place easily and safely. Doing this will save us valuable time.
  • Yard Waste: When you have finished cleaning the garden and there are piles of garbage in the garden, put all the garbage in a wheelbarrow and dispose of it.
  • Price: The price of the wheelbarrow in the market is 16$ to 300$.

Product Review

I purchased the wheelbarrow from Amazon. That is a very beautiful and strong wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow has a dumping system, all types of materials can be unloaded from the wheelbarrow quickly. 

This wheelbarrow has 10-inch maintenance-free tires. It has a 600-pound weight capacity that the tires can afford. Keep your essential thing in a 35.2″ x 21.8″ bed. The color of the wheelbarrow is black.

Garden Hose 

Garden Hose Details
BrandBionic Steel
Material304 Stainless Steel, Metal, Steel,Brass
Color304 Stainless Steel, Metal, Steel, Brass
Item Dimensions LxWxH6 x 5 x 4 inches
Product Dimensions300″L x 0.62″W

A garden hose is a precious garden tool. The hose is used to water plants and garden grass. The spiral in front of the drain provides water to small delicate plants and large plants in the form of the shower and with which you can slow down and speed up the flow of water. 

By which water is not wasted and is used equally by the plants. When you complete watering the garden plants and garden grass. Remove the hose from the tap and hold it on one side, drain all the water remaining inside the hose from the second side of the hose so that the hose doesn’t rust. The price of a garden hose in the Amazon is 23$ to 100$.

Product Review

I recently bought a 25ft long black color hose from Amazon. This hose is very flexible and 304 steel has been used to make it even if it is used at 1 temperature, water doesn’t form ice in the hose. 

The hose has a 5-years warranty. Three options are given in the Spiral of the hose. Jet Stream, Spray, and In Between. You can use the hose on a bumpy and rocky path in any weather. It will not break and not leak at any point.

Watering Can 

Watering CanDetails
BrandChapin International
Product Dimensions7″D x 15″W x 14″H
Item Weight1.2 Pounds

A watering can is one of the most used tools in the garden. Watering cans are an efficient and easy way to thoroughly water plants.

  • Fill the can with water: Fill the water can with water from the household taps and fill the can with as much water as you can use easily lift and use water on the plants.
  • Hold Water Can: Hold the water can with both hands while watering the plants. Hold the can handle with one hand and place the second hand under the can. This will support the can and make it easier to water the plants.
  • Water Flow: When watering the plants, give the can shower to the base of the plants to get the water to the roots. Do not water the leaves of the plants. Because the leaves of plants are affected by insects.
  • Price: The price of the watering can is 7$ to 41$.

Product Review

I also bought a water can from Amazon. The water can have adequate water filling that can be easily lifted and used on the plants. The water can is made of thick plastic, Its color is black and you can place a shower wherever you want while watering the plants. I clean this can every time I’m done watering the plants. So that it doesn’t rust.

Leaf Blower

Leaf BlowerDetails
Power SourceCordless
Voltage20 Volts
Form FactorHandheld
Special FeatureCordless, Light Weight
Air Flow Capacity100 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Included ComponentsDCE100B Blower and (3) Nozzle attachments
Item Weight2.5 Pounds

A leaf blower is a gardening tool. In the autumn season, the leaves of the trees that have turned yellow are used to collect them and collect dry dust and soil from the garden. The biggest advantage of using a leaf blower is that what you do in the garden for a whole day, 

You can do the same work in two hours. Before using the leaf blower, be sure to read and understand the instruction sheet provided in the box with it. How to fix its chowk, how to start, and how to fuel it.  If the instruction sheet is not available, contact the company and asked the instruction sheet. 

The instruction sheet is the most important sheet. Hold the leaf blower in your hands and then start the nozzle facing down the garden. Collect the leaves and dust in the garden in 3 to 4 steps. Before using the leaf blower, put on white mirror glasses on the eyes and gloves on the hand, and a mask on the face. 

All these things are very important to protect. The price of the leaf blower is 80$ to 140$.

Product Review

I had a hard time cleaning my garden of leaves and dust. Then I made a decision and I bought a one-leaf blower from Amazon. So the leaf blower’s weight is 2.5 pounds, Its color is yellow and black and It has 20 voltage power and it is made of plastic.

After purchasing the leaf blower, My life has become so much easy now I even clean my garden. Apart from that I do all the other activities of my life to the fullest.

What tools are in a garden?

Shovels, Hak Pala, Lawn Mowers, Garden Hoses, Hoes, Leaf Blower, Garden Edger, etc.

What are three garden tools?

Trowel, Watering Can, Lopper. These are 3 tools used for various tasks in the garden.

What is the most used garden tool?

Two of the most used tool in the garden are Gloves and Shovels.

What tools are used in the flower garden?

There are some tools most commonly used in the flower garden. Water can for watering plants. Pruning Shears trimming for flower plants. Garden Weeder is used to remove grass from plants without causing any damage.

Garden Dibber 

Garden DibberDetails
MaterialJapanese Ash Wood
ColorNatural Wood
Special FeatureWeather Resistant, UV Resistant, Rust Resistant

A garden dibber is a small garden tool. Dibber work is to plant small plants and seeds in the garden. Choose a place in the garden. Clean the soil and make sure there are no stones, grass, debris, etc in the soil for planting and seeds. Mark the planting sites at regular intervals. 

Grasp the handle of the dibber with your hand and press the nip side into the soil upon the planting mark with your hand and drill a hole. Small plants or seeds in planted whatever you want in the hole. The Garden Dibber price is $7 To $30.

Product Review

I searched many more websites for garden tools. But I was not satisfied with any website product. I searched on Amazon and bought a dibber for the garden. Dibber is a classic style and has a natural wood color and Its weight is 10.8 ounces. The total length of the dibber is 11 inches, with a 6-inch steel half-body that can a dig 5.1-inch deep hole in the ground.

 Half the part of the dibber is made of natural solid Japanese ash tree wood and the other half part is made of Chrome coated stainless steel. I give this dibber a five-star rating. I will advise everyone to purchase it.

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack SprayersDetails
BrandField King
Tank Volume4 Gallons
MaterialStainless Steel, Brass
Item Weight12.8 Pounds

Backpack Sprayers are used to spray in the garden. Using herbicides on the lawn, using essential oils on plants, and use of insecticide sprays on plants. Backpack spray is a must for all these sprays used in gardens and plants. 

Before backpack-spraying the garden, mark the area of the garden where you want to apply the spray. Secondly, before using any kind of spray on plants, do a plant test to see if a plant needs that spray or not. Using any medicine on plants.

Read the instruction provided on the paper with it. Add water or other necessary substance to make a spray then use it on plants or gardens. The Backpack-sprayer price is $37 to $370.

Product Review

I purchased a Backpack sprayer from Amazon to spray my plants with insecticide. The Backpack sprayer is white in color, weighs 12.8 pounds, and it has a four-gallon spray capacity. While spraying, the spray doesn’t leak from any part of the Backpack Sprayer. 

Its stick length is 21 inches and It also comes with four nozzles that you can attach to the front of the stick. Nozzle name Brass Adjustable, foaming nozzle, and 2 flat fans. I recommend it to everyone else that can use it very well and purchase from him.

Lawn Mower

Lawn MowerDetails
Power SourceBattery Powered
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight56 Pounds
Cutting Width20 Inches
Operation ModeAutomatic
Product Dimensions26.9″D x 16.1″W x 18″H

A lawn mover is used to cut grass in the garden. Using a lawnmower cut the grass in the garden perfectly and evenly. Due to this later the garden looks very stunning and beautiful. Without a lawnmower, you can’t cut your garden grass equally size. 

Before cutting the garden grass with a lawnmower, remove all objects from the garden, such as garden furniture, garden tools, garden swings, and large stone. So that there is no problem cutting grass with lawnmowers in the garden. 

Cut the grass with the lawn mover from one corner of the garden to the second corner. Walk slowly speed while moving with the lawnmower. To cut the grass equal size. The price of the lawnmower is 150$ to 2400$.

Product Review

I bought a lawnmower to cut grass in my garden. but petrol was used to run it. When I started to cut grass. It would pollute 3 to 4 hoses. Then I sold the lawnmower. I bought the second electric chargeable lawnmower. I use to cut garden grass and it doesn’t make any noise or pollute the air. 

A lawnmower is a 3600 amp motor install, is black and green in color, weighs 56 pounds, and has a Cutting Width of 20 Inches. I would tell everyone to purchase this lawnmower and cut your garden grass easily.

Scotts Fertilizer Spreader

Scotts Fertilizer SpreaderDetails
Product Dimensions40 x 20.5 x 30 inches
Item Weight0.01 ounces
ManufacturerEarthWay Products Inc
Country of OriginUSA
Item Model Number2600A-Plus

Scotts Fertilizer Spreader is a gardening essential tool. It is used to fertilize the garden. The Scotts fertilizer spreader is used to apply fertilizer evenly in the garden. If you apply fertilizer to the garden by hand. 

So using more fertilizer in one place and less in another place can burn the grass in the garden. Use the best fertilizer for your garden. Fill the fertilized into a clean and dry loop. But don’t overload. 

Then normally walk in the garden with Scotts Fertilizer Spreader and use fertilizer in the garden. The Scotts Fertilizer Spreader is a price 15$ to 300$.

Product Review

I bought a Scotts fertilizer spreader from Amazon for my garden a month ago. It has 2 colors, black and red. It has a feathered spreading edge for spreading fertilizer in the garden. Which equally distributes the fertilizer in the garden. 

Its hopper can hold 40 pounds or 18 kilograms of fertilizer at one time. The frame of the Scotts fertilizer spreader is made of steel and its thick 9-inch tires work in the snow even in winter and tires don’t freeze but rather become rough.

Garden Weeder 

Garden Weeder Details
Product Dimensions48 x 2 x 2 inches
Item Weight2.94 pounds
Country of OriginChina
Item Model NumberChancaochu4chi-HS

Garden Weeder is a gardening tool. It is used to remove herbs from the garden and cut grass without harming the plants To maintain the cleanliness of the garden. To eliminate yellow grass from the garden that looks awful in the garden and to remove overgrown grass that stops plant growth. Removing unwanted herbs that can be poisonous and damage the garden grass. 

A garden weeder is used in all these works in the garden. Before using the garden weeder on the garden, Water the grass and herbs an hour before they are softened and easier to remove from the garden. The garden weeder price is $25 to $200

Product Review

I recently bought a garden weeder for garden work. No other garden tool can do the same work as a garden weeder. The garden weeder is made of 1.3-thick steel in diameter. Which has a 1-year guarantee and weight is 2.94 pounds. The Garden Weeder handle length is adjusted from 37 to 62 and its handle of 1 1/8 is very strong. 

Who people do garden work or are interested in doing garden work or having your garden? I would suggest they purchase this tool it is a very strong and a great garden weeder.

Garden Cultivator

Garden CultivatorDetails
BrandEarthwise Power Tools by ALM
Item Dimensions LxWxH16 x 17 x 41.3 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
MaterialAlloy Steel

Garden Cultivator is used to plant seeds in the garden. Garden Cultivator prepares the soil for planting and seeding in the garden. Mark the area in the garden where you want to use your garden cultivator, then clean the garden area and remove the debris, stone, and stick. 

Because it damages the machine blade. For tillage, hold the machine’s handle firmly and move slowly. Allow the machine blade to dig into the soil. The Garden Cultivator price is $100 to $200.

Product Review

I purchased a beautiful and strong garden cultivator from Amazon. Which is black in color and material Alloy Steel and the item weighs 28 pounds. It digs up the soil very quickly in the garden for cultivation. After that humans can easily plant, seeds, and plant saplings in the garden. 

Using a garden cultivator gets the work done quickly. After which you can also do other work in the garden. Like cutting the garden grass,  watering and fertilizing the garden grass, etc.

Garden Edger 

Garden Edger Details
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight14.32 Pounds
Product Dimensions60.2″L x 9.8″W
Speed4420 RPM

A garden edger is a garden tool that is the most important work in beautifying the garden. If the grass in the garden is green and properly cut and the plants in the garden are fine and all the garden furniture is in its place, But if the corners of the garden are not straight, then the garden will not look the least bit beautiful. 

So use a garden edger and fix all corners of the garden. Choose a time to edge the garden when the soil is moist. Otherwise, apply a small amount of water 2 hours before you use the edge. Mark the garden grass with white spray paint so that when you use the garden edge of the garden will be straight and not crooked. 

Finishing the work on the garden. Use a broom or leaf blower in the garden and clear all garbage from the corner. After doing all this work you can enjoy a beautiful garden and be proud that our house garden is beautiful.

Product Review

I bought recently the garden edger for work in the garden. When used after charging with electricity and its weight is 14.32 Pounds and its speed is 4420 RPM. Edger’s 7.5-inch blade digs a 1.5-inch hole. It has 2 colors black and green. 

Being electric, the edger doesn’t make any noise nor does emit smoke that pollutes the air. I advise those people who work in the garden, to purchase this edger and make your garden beautiful with it.


If you read this article then we talked about the most essential and most used garden tools to get all the garden work done. The value of the house becomes half because the garden of the house isn’t clean and beautiful. The person becomes a victim of anxiety about how to get rid of this problem. 

This article talked about wheelbarrows, Leaf blowers, lawnmowers, etc. The lawn mover cuts the grass, Leaf blowers collect the mulch, and All the garden debris is put into the wheelbarrows. Similarly, all the tools are explained, and how to use and work in the garden. 

Read articles and purchase garden tools and make a beautiful garden. Get rid of all garden problems. Enjoy your garden life.

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